4th of July Seller's Guide For Print On Demand

Posted by:
Tom Bell
June 19, 2019

If you’re looking to amp up your sales this season you’re not going to want to miss out on the summer holidays. The 4th of July is an annual tradition for North Americans to celebrate our independence. With the celebrations comes family gatherings, patriotic events, special sales, cookouts, and more. So how do you capitalize on this annual celebration by selling online and offering physical products? This holiday, as well as most others, allows you to be creative; approach your market from unique angles and give limited offers.  An estimated 88 percent of Americans celebrate July 4th, so it goes without saying that you have a lot to offer to the mix. Continue reading and I’ll help you get your head in the game.  

People will be celebrating lots of different ways. From hanging with friends and family to going to public events.  With nearly 9 out of 10 Americans saying they’ll be celebrating that gives you around 87% of the population to market to. 93% of men and women ages 18-24 included. There are quite a few things that you may not expect people to be searching for, but there are plenty of others that you can use to your advantage when selling your goodies to the patriots who are planning to look the part.

  • Recipes/Desserts: People enjoy celebrating the holidays. Those same people enjoy eating at these celebrations. You can use these searches by offering items and tips to help them cook meals and desserts for their events.
  • Decorations: This can mean anything from canvas art to tables coasters. So long as the item is holiday themed it can be used to spice up the party area for their next July 4th gathering.
  • Party Ideas:  You can offer party games, decorations, and apparel to celebrate in. You can essentially include all my previous bullet points into this one alone.
  • Wallpaper: If you’re in the market of selling wallpaper then you’re in luck on this one! If not, then just use this to confirm how enthusiastic people are for the holiday and use it to your advantage. Offer them Canvas prints and pictures instead.
  • Crafts and DIY: With this crowd generally being creative people looking for a hobby to invest time into, or wanting to add to their household decor, this is another great opportunity to offer canvas prints.  P.S. When looking for an audience to offer products to you don’t always need to have exactly what they’re searching for. Instead, you can use their search terms as a base for the options you have available. Find something similar to offer that you have available and see what they think.
  • A recent survey also found: -62% of consumers currently own an American flag - 51% have patriotic apparel such as a t-shirt or hat - 38% currently own patriotic decorations - 27% in total plan to purchase patriotic merchandise - 44% of men and women ages 18-24 looking to purchase patriotic merchandise

So, what kind of designs can be used on custom products like apparel and home goods?  The American flag: The most popular design that consumers wear and decorate with this time of year. Showing off their style along with their patriotism makes for the perfect addition to any product you’re offering. Military: Army, Navy, Marines, and Airforce. This is a holiday that pays respect to those who fight for independence, so offering products that focus directly on active military and veterans will get a lot of much-deserved attention. Patriotic quotes and sayings: With a few google searches you'll be able to find popular military phrases and famous quotes to add to your custom designs. You can also take the humor route and include some funny saying to appeal to a more neutral audience.  Keep in mind that Summertime means warmer weather and more direct sunlight. Being that the 4th is generally celebrated outdoors and at home a lot of the time, you’re going to want to think of comfort and convenience when offering holiday-themed products. From flip flops to custom flags, here is a list of products you can include for the Summer holiday. All with a patriotic theme.

Flip Flops are great for comfort and convenience. Slip them on and slip right out into the party. Print your favorite patriotic designs on them and show off your pride.
Suns out! Guns out! Keep cool by letting your upper body breathe a bit more in a custom tank. Deodorant is suggested, but not mandatory… unfortunately.

A classic fit t-shirt to show off your favorite flag or quote. Just the right fit for just the right person. Covers enough to keep the sun off you, while exposing the areas you need free to enjoy the weather.

Going to a BBQ, or hitting the beach because the weather in July calls for it? A custom tote gives you the ability to be comfortable while safely taking your things with you.

There are few things more American that a snapback trucker hat. For years boys and girls have been rockin’ this Southern-style for just about every occasion.

Use them dry off, or sit on them to keep clean. When you’re watching fireworks you’re gonna want something to get comfortable on. Towels are a tried and true companion for outdoor events.

There’s no better way to show your patriotism than to fly the stars and stripes themselves. Old Glory has been the staple of American pride since its creation. Keep the tradition alive by allowing your customers to buy one for themselves.  

Next, you will need to get creative and market your new stuff. With so many different options it can get a bit crazy trying to figure out what to do first. I've put together a short list of ideas to get you started so you can take advantage of one of America's most important holidays.

Cross-promote and combine niches

You’re going to encounter a wide range of people who are interested in celebrating. In order to hone in on specific audiences, you can cross-promote (Veteran Mom sweater available with every Veteran Dad sweater sold) or combine multiple interests into one (Veteran/Chef, Army/Mechanic, Marine/Grandpa).

Content Marketing

Another great opportunity for you to drive some traffic is by giving back to your audience. Create a “How-To” on cooking July 4th desserts, or write a short article on the best holiday party games. Then simply offer them the tools r products they need to create these themselves.    

Offer holiday discounts and sales

Everyone loves a good promotion. People are expecting to buy a lot this year. Meaning they’re going to be looking for the best deals in order to save a few bucks. This is your chance to slash some prices and position your offer as the best of the best. “Save 20% today by using the code: "JULY4’”

Post relevant content to drive engagement to your brand

It’s important to remind your audience that you’re also taking part in the festivities this year. Start building up momentum with your daily posts from your brand.  Send some emails teasing about your upcoming promotions or new products. Share some funny holiday memes or informative articles. Anything to position yourself as someone to keep an eye on as the date moves closer to the 4th.

Be active in relevant communities to build trust

There are Facebook groups for just about anything you can think of. Take some time to find some that might work well with your offers. Join some patriotic groups and start some conversations. See what people are saying about their July 4th plans; what they’ve bought, what they’re doing and are excited about. Use that information to create special offers.

As you can see you have a lot of options to work with. Don’t back yourself into a corner trying to think of one perfect offer. Start setting up your own army of products to offer to the millions of Americans that will be celebrating this year and next.

July 4th gives them a reason to justify spending their money. Why not give them more reasons to spend it on your storefront?  

Happy selling & Happy 4th of July!

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