9 Untapped Niches for Print On Demand

Posted by:
Tom Bell
August 9, 2019

Looking for the “best” niches to start creating designs for can be time-consuming. With so many options how do you even begin to choose?Well, I’ve been in your shoes before and can tell you the picking a niche you already enjoy makes a world of difference. I’ve personally done well with everything from Fishing, Racing, and even beard and shaving niches. I really enjoyed was the last one, beard and shaving. This made it a lot easier to deliver what my audience wanted to see because I WAS my audience.Choosing a niche you’re familiar with will not only help with the content you create but also keep your enthusiasm at an all-time high. With that being said, I’m going to tell you a bit about some trending niches across a few different interests that are getting a lot of attention this year. That way you can decide which ones work the best for you.


The United States outdoor apparel sales totaled $9.5 billion in 2016, as has seen an increase of around 7% on average annually. It’s estimated that between 2012-2021 the industry will have made close to $231 billion in revenue. There are very dedicated groups who focus specifically on the act of spending their time on more recreational activities. Enjoying the outdoors doesn’t always call for a survival situation, so here are a few geared toward just enjoying the great outdoors.


This is a niche I’ve personally done really well in with Print On Demand. There are surprisingly not as many competitors as you might think. It’s easy to separate yourself when incorporating eye-catching designs and digital marketing.

Hiking:A huge part of any outdoor activity. If you're walking to set up camp, or just hiking the trails to get to a beautiful view, everyone likes to prepare themselves for a future hike. It's a celebrated past time giving family and friends the time together they love.

Camping:With many people making camping an annual tradition there seems to always be a great market for it. Not to mention being able to cross-promote with niches like fishing, hiking, family, couples, pets, etc.. Making this niche an easy “yes” from buyers.

Health and Fitness

This is a great niche with a huge user base. You’ve certainly seen the memes or jokes about cross-fitters. They’re an extremely passionate group that loves to share their latest routine or achievement. Newbies are also a great segment of the market. It seems like there’s a new popular diet or workout regimen creating waves every few months. Almost “fad” like feeling attached to them. This makes for the users to be proud and open about the regimen they’re trying. A lot of the time promoting the diet, workouts, or apparel through social media.

Vegetarians:Not a food choice, but a lifestyle. Vegetarians are serious about not consuming meat. Some for health benefits, and others by choice. This is a great group who are very passionate and vocal about their lifestyle.

Weightlifting:Dedicated bodybuilders are very open to strength training inspired clothing. Designs about lifting capacity and dedication are particularly popular. This gives you a great opportunity to create some awesome merch.

Yoga:Those who regularly do yoga have made it part of their lifestyle as well. With most of them going so far as to incorporate the spirituality aspects of Yoga. This widens the niche and gives you more to work with.


This is a tricky one but is still very usable without getting into any legal trouble. I’m not talking about selling knockoff apparel under the radar either. I’m talking about creating products for the directed toward fans of the sport itself. More than 20% of consumers say they buy their sports apparel online. So you have a good chance to make some money.

eSports:Major League Gaming events have been making huge strides throughout the online community. It’s a group that takes the interest very seriously. In 2018, the global eSports market was valued at nearly 865 million U.S. dollars and is estimated that it will reach 1.79 billion U.S. dollars by 2022

American Football:Millions of Americans watch the Superbowl for the advertisements and to witness the biggest game of the year. The fanbase for this sport is massive and passionate. Not just for individual teams, but for the sport of football itself. Harness that passion when creating general products for this niche and you won’t regret it.

Golf:This a $25 billion industry, heavily populated with the upper-middle class. Add that to the fact that most golf enthusiasts enjoy traveling to different courses and you’ve got a lot of options as far as creativity. With the amount of cash spent on equipment and apparel, it’s no wonder it’s one of the best niches to break into.

There’s really no end to the options you have when selling Print On Demand merchandise, finding the perfect niche is something you’ll have to decide on yourself. Don't be afraid to try a few different niches that you’re interested in.  You have plenty to choose from!