Father's Day Print On Demand Selling Guide

Posted by:
Tom Bell
May 20, 2019

Did you know that one-third of all shoppers are expected to buy a dad a gift this year for Father’s Day?  They plan to spend more this year on Father's Day gifts while doing their shopping online.Recent data shows that 33.7% of all shoppers are going to be getting daddy some goodies this holiday. Up from 32.4%, last year shoppers are projected to spend upwards of $15.5 billion this year, rising from $14.3 billion last year.

Shoppers aren't only spending more overall, but they're increasingly spending more individually. Projections show the average buyer spending an average of $134.75 on Dad this time around; a 7% increase from $125 last year.Additional Data:

  • 22% of consumers said they plan on spending more this year.
  • On average, men are projected to spend 23% more than women this Father's Day.
  • Shoppers are expected to spend the most on electronics ($74.74)
  • 46.1% of Dads are expected to receive an apparel item.

What are they buying for Dad?

It's important to understand where shoppers are searching... and how they will be purchasing their gifts.

  • 56% of consumers say they plan to buy their Father's Day gifts online.
  • 43% of shoppers say they plan to use their mobile devices to research gifts and store info.
  • 18.3% plan to complete the purchase from their phone.
  • 51% will be using their tablets to research gifts, store info, compare prices, and redeem coupons
  • 40% say they will be finishing their purchase from a tablet.

Since the majority of buyers are going to be getting their dads apparel this year, it's almost a sin not to sell Print On Demand products.  See our list of theTop Ten Print On Demand Products for 2019.

You should begin marketing your products at the end of April. This allocates enough time for testing your ads, getting sales, production, and delivery. The sooner you start preparing, the better.

Last year, some of the best selling Print On Demand products were hoodies, mugs, and t-shirts. But that shouldn't stop you from trying other products with winning designs or slogans. Research shows that darker colors and themes tend to work better when selling items for dads. Nautical designs and travel themes being among the more popular.

Keep in mind that this is the one time of the year where "dad" jokes will be acceptable.  Use your sense of humor when creating your designs and slogans. You can easily put funny quotes or relevant slogans on hats and tees to gear them toward Father's Day shoppers. Anything from "Worlds Greatest Dad" to "Brand New Dad" Even "#1 Grandpa" works this time of year.

Here are a few examples of what's worked recently:

Pro tip: Don't forget to up-sell your items to increase your profits. Nothing goes with a new hoodie quite like a matching hat!

What can you do to help influence your shoppers to buy?

Holidays make it easier to create special promotions to separate yourself from the rest of the sellers. A few ways you can do this is with themed discount codes and contests.

An example would be to offer $10 off their full order after they spend $50, but only if they use the discount code "HiDad."

You can also create a contest. Have your followers comment with their favorite dad joke where the winner gets a free shirt with that quote on it. Then have them "just pay for shipping."

Heck, you can message all of them and offer the prize to them. This will give you TONS of new design ideas. As well as a lot of potential buyers giving you money to send them products without realizing it.  Sneaky sneaky...


Now that we know national holidays give you huge opportunities to market your products, we're gonna talk about how to do it. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you're creating Facebook Ad Campaigns for the holiday:

  • Who are you trying to reach-- Are you able to target a specific type of person, or is this offer broader?
  • What's the goal--  Are you trying to sell merchandise, or are you trying to collect leads to market to later?
  • Is this holiday relevant to what you're offering--  Are you selling products that will make sense to incorporate holiday themes with?

Targeting buyers in the US vs International buyers. Make sure you're targeting them at the correct time of year.  The dates for Father's Day may be different around the world, but this gives you more options to sell with a lot of the same angles to sell from.

Target the correct audience for your product and offer.

You don't want to try to give a plumber a hat that reads "I'm a Dad 1st, a Lawyer 2nd."

Facebook's Audience Insights tool will make it easier for you to find relevant targeting for not only Father's Day, but other holidays too. Simple go into the Facebook Business Manager and open up the tool.  Type in keywords into the interest targeting search that makes sense with the holiday and choose your targeting based on the suggestions it gives you.

Here are a few targeting suggestions to help make it easier to put your products in front of the right people:

Job Titles:
– Stay-at-Home Parent
– Stay-at-Home Dad

– Stay-at-Home Dad
– Stay-at-Home Parent

You can also add in additional targeting layers to increase your accuracy such as behaviors and demographics. This will allow you to separate the dads who are shopping for themselves, from the moms who are buying for them.

It might look something like this:
– Set Gender to Men

-Parents (All)
-New Parents (0-12 months)
-Parents with Toddlers (01-02 years) }
-Parents with Preschoolers (03-05 years)
-Parents with Early School-Age Children (06-08 years)
-Parents with Preteens (08-12 years)
-Parents with Teenagers (13-18 years)
-New Parents
Stay-at-Home Parent

Here are some examples of different ad creatives you can reference when setting up your Father's Day ads:

There you have it. You essentially have all year to capitalize on Father's Day, so long as you look in the right places. So take this knowledge and start selling! Dad's across the globe will be thankful... And so will your bank account!