Hot Summer Design Trends

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Tom Bell
May 8, 2019

Summer is almost here, and for most print-on-demand shop owners, this means it’s time to create some summer inspired designs. The trend this summer is to match the summer vibe with correspondingly punchy designs. Let's shake off the winter blues and bring some bright, fun designs for Summer products.

Punchy Colors Set the Tone

Summer is all about grabbing attention at every chance possible and what better way to capture the attention of your audience than by splashing a few vibrant colors. For trending color inspiration look to the Pantone Colors of the Year.

Listed are the top 5 summer colors for 2019:

Fun - Pantone 17-1564 Fiesta

pantone jester red

Bold - Pantone 19-1862 Jester Red

pantone tumeric

Warm and Vibrant - Pantone 15-1264 Turmeric

pantone living coral

The color of the Year - Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral

pantone pink peacock

Highly colorful - Pantone 18-2045 Pink Peacock

Retro Modern Illustrations

The beautiful thing about anything involving Retro designs is that 1.) There are plenty of ideas and 2.) Many of them evoke an emotional response which leads to people buying your products.This style blends elements from the near past with clean lines and illustrations. There is no limit on how you can use this style.

Image is taken from Viralstyle
The image is taken from MyModernMet
Image is taken from Etsy

Return of Duo Tones and Gradients

gradient example
Taken from

Gradients have been a long-standing design choice for anyone looking to add a bit of detail to their designs. This summer gradients could do more for you. By more, we mean injecting a two-tone touch of sophistication and depth to your designs.

Make your gradients the focal point of attention, as opposed to the traditional approach where they majorly offset the graphics. Paired with the right graphics that blend in and this time, work to emphasize the gradient, this design style is a sure head turner.

minimal design
Image taken from

Detailed minimalism

For all the hype, pomp and flair that trailed minimalistic designs last year, its sweet relief to see that trend hit the customary design hiatus. Minimalism was adopted by so many brands that it was hard for them to stand out.Now the emphasis is to pack in as much detail into a design without adding clutter. Detailed minimalism uses colors as opposed to traditional design elements (fonts, shapes, etc.) to pass across its message of sophistication.

bold font
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Bold Fonts

Bold typefaces and fonts present a different, and some might say, a more successful approach to achieving the same goal.

Have you ever seen a text markup on a design? What comes to your mind, read or turn away?

That’s right, for most of us the first impulse is to read, we’re naturally curious beings, and our first reaction is to know more – the same can be said for your audience.

Text-based design styles, though on the recline remain an ingenious way to grab quality attention. All you have to do is make sure the font stands out by scaling up the font size and topping it off with some side serving of creativity. It’s an effective strategy that rounds up our list of hot summer design trends.

Which suggestion resonated most with you and which did we leave out? The comment box is all yours.