Mother's Day E-Commerce Trends

Posted by:
Tom Bell
April 10, 2017

It should come as no surprise that people love to spoil their moms - I know I do. For most e-commerce retailers, Mother’s Day represents a tipping point for Q2 where sales numbers begin to climb. Make the most of this opportunity and carry the momentum into the Summer and Fall!

Campaign cutoff dates for guaranteed delivery before Mothers Day in the United States is Monday, May 1st domestic orders and April 24th for international orders.

Consumer Spending Habits

More money is spent on jewelry than any other product for Mother’s Day gifts; last year consumers reported a total spending of $4.4 Billion on jewelry alone. Many sellers on Viralstyle cashed in big on Valentines Day with our custom necklace options and we hope to see even more sellers take advantage of this high-profit item for Mother’s Day.

You may be surprised by the diverse groups of people who receive Mother’s Day gifts. Last year, consumers reported that they planned for 62% of all gifts would be given to their mom or step mom. Many consumers also plan on purchasing gifts for their grandparents, wives, daughters, and even sisters.

Try These Marketing Suggestions

Keep in mind you won’t be the only retailer competing for customers looking to buy gifts for their mothers. To hit big sales numbers for any holiday, it requires a thoughtful strategy and the right execution.

  • Get Creative with Targeting: Facebook advertising has made countless targeting options available for targeting mothers and family’s. It is essential that you try out these demographic targeting options for your campaigns, but also know that every other marketer selling a Mother’s Day related item will be using the same criteria. Look beyond these default targeting options and try criteria that will be more relevant to your products. Look to our Facebook Ad Testing article for additional targeting ideas!
  • Be Niche Specific: Everyone and their mother (literally) will be celebrating Mother’s Day in some form. With holidays that are celebrated by this many people it can be tempting to create products that appeal to mass audiences. Products with broad targeting like that can be a challenging to find the ideal audience for. Look for ways to design products that appeal to a specific niche – ideally one that you already know and have established success with.
  • Try More Than 1 Ad Format: Recently we showed you how to setup your own storefront within a Facebook page and tag products in your posts. Promoting image, video, and photo album posts with tagged products is quickly becoming a popular choice for apparel marketers. A holiday like Mother’s Day gives us the opportunity to experiment with these emerging ad formats to discover the best ways to use them while consumer spending is inflated.
  • Create Products as Collections: Media rich ad formats like carousels and photo/video content with tagged products have features that enable marketers to create more interesting ads and make it easy to promote multiple products at the same time. Try designing products as a collection that appeal to the same target audience. Utilizing our upsell feature will allow you to increase order size and sell additional products like mugs, clocks, jewelry and more.
  • Optimize for the Marketplace: Activity in the Viralstyle marketplace spikes right around every holiday. Make sure your products will show up in our Mother's Day collection by categorizing campaigns as Holiday > Mother's Day. Name all of your campaigns in a way that makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for when searching in the marketplace.

For more data and statistics about Mother's Day, visit the National Retail Federation.