New Product: Premium Canvas

Posted by:
Tom Bell
June 30, 2017


Any e-commerce seller knows that being first to market with an item can be a limitless opportunity.
In the early days of print-on-demand for t-shirts, sellers were finding new niches every day. Right now that same thing is happening with premium canvas. Viralstyle now enables you to design and sell these high-margin items. As with every product we offer, there are no minimum quantities and no cost to create a campaign.

People want to decorate their homes and offices.
The problem is, not everyone is an interior designer. As marketers, we have this incredible opportunity and an easy way for us to show them things they are interested in, and just like t-shirts, express who they are. That's why we feel this market is ripe for the taking!

These ready to hang canvas are available in 4 different sizes; there's something for everyone. They have a 1-1/4" depth giving it a premium look, and the corners are beautiful! Unlike most canvas prints these are durable and built with a solid face to keep them from deforming or loosening. The huge profit margins on these will make it easy for you to test out new markets!

Product Specs

Base Costs

Check out the profit margins on Premium Canvas! Our tests are showing that you can sell these for even higher margins!

Fulfillment Times

We are incredibly proud of our short fulfillment times on this product. All Canvas are produced and fulfilled within 7-10 days!

U.S.A. Shipping Cost*

12x18 - $10.95
16x24 - $11.95
24x34 - $13.95
32x48 - $29.95

International fulfillment will not be available through
Shopify international shipping rates*: 12x18 - $40, 16x24 - $60, 24x36 - $100, 32x48 - $120

*each item will incur its own shipping cost

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