New Product: Tote Bags

Posted by:
Tom Bell
May 11, 2017

Tote bags are a popular product for people all cross the globe. Their rise in popularity can be greatly attributed to increased awareness of environmental harm caused by plastic bags, but they also make great purses, travel bags, and beach bags. Now, you can design and sell your own custom tote bags on Viralstyle!

Custom Tote Bag Designer

Design Guidelines

Design guidelines are the same as other screen printed items on Viralstyle. Images must be between 800x800 and 8000x8000 with a file size less than 8MB. PNG, JPG and EPS file formats are accepted.

Product Specs

Totes are 100% cotton with reinforced stitching on straps. Available in one size 15.25 x 15.75”

Base Costs

Suggested retail for a tote is $21.99 +shipping. Base costs start at $9.75 per item and go down as volume increases.

Feeling inspired? Launch your winning tote bag campaign today!