Top Ten Print On Demand Products For 2021

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Tom Bell
May 16, 2019

Like summoning Bloody Mary from a bathroom mirror, the words “custom merchandise” have been met over the years with anxiety and fear from those familiar with what it’s fulfillment involves.Having to pay overpriced minimum order quantities, holding overstocked inventory, and trying to liquidate the stuff that didn’t sell in order to keep your business above water is enough to make anyone throw down their ax and say “screw this.” That is until now…

Print-On-Demand has been making huge changes to the way custom merchandise is both viewed and used by thriving online businesses. Your customer buys as much as they need by placing an order, the products are then printed and sent right to their doorstep. All you do is choose the designs and products you want to offer, and put them in front of people who want them.

But that’s not all...

Nowadays there are seemingly endless products for a seller, old or new, to choose from. Making unique hobbies or interests easier than ever to offer custom merchandise to. In this article, we’re gonna go over the 10 Best Print On Demand Products that you can start selling in 2021.


Canvas prints have been growing in popularity over the past few years due to their quality appearance and genuine look and feel. With the right design, a canvas print can resemble an original oil painting by famous artists, as easily as they support a funny phrase or picture.  They’re super lightweight - which means lower shipping costs - and there’s no frame or glass. Making it easier to ship without any accidents along the way.  With orders spiking around Christmas due to their diversity, thousands of happy buyers have been filling their homes with custom canvas prints to add a personal touch to any living space.


People are ADDICTED to their phones...

Not a minute goes by that we aren’t looking at our phones; checking an email or talking to a friend.

Hell, you’re likely reading this article on your phone right now... With an item that we keep closer to us than just about anything else, it makes sense that more and more buyers are actively looking for ways to customize their phones to fit their personal styles.

People aren’t just interested in the protection a case gives them anymore. We’re a far cry away from that huge leather holster our dads use to keep their flip phones in.

Today’s smartphone users are adding everything from cute quotes and stupid photos of their friends stretched across the case.  Our phones have become a part of us.

With 80% of U.S. Android owners having a protective case for their smartphone and about 87% for iPhone users...  It’s a no-brainer to offer these to your customers.


Who doesn’t love a good hoodie?

I’ve lost a hoodie to just about every romantic relationship I’ve had-- they’re convenient… they get stolen.

They’re great for cooler nights, morning jogs, sporting events, bonfires, and just being a lazy on the couch all weekend.

With millions of people across the world choosing hoodies as their go-to outerwear it’s become the staple to custom merchandise stores across the world. You’re able to place anything from brand names to funny quotes directed to your customers, etc.  

Pretty much anything you can think of that you’d like to show off can be put on your hoodie design. Get your mind out of the gutter and start finding images to use.

4. Tank Tops

Suns Out Guns Out! Rip the sleeves off your favorite shirt and you have… a ripped up shirt...

But, find your favorite design and have it printed on a pre-cut Tank Top and you might still be taken seriously.  

In some warmer parts of the world Tank Tops are the most worn clothing article next to socks and underwear.

Easily as diverse as a hoodie, just reserved for warmer weather vacations, working out, and spending time in the sun.

To be honest, Tank Tops are worn year round regardless of location due to their versatility. With a wide range of fabrics to choose from they can be used in both athletic and casual scenarios.

They go with just about anything and offer you comfort as well as style to go on about your day.

5. Towels

Honestly, this wouldn’t have been my first thought either if I didn’t live by the beach for so long.

Seeing so many people walking around, each with a different towel, opened my eyes to the possibilities of offering custom towels to your audience.

Think about it this way… When you take a shower in the morning, what do you dry off with? When you spill something in the kitchen, what do you clean it up with? When you’re getting out of bed with your loved one, what do you throw around your waist to hide your personal insecurities?

The answer is “A Towel”(Not to mention when you offer branded or custom towels you’re essentially passing out mobile flyers for your business.) It’s a useful product that people can justify purchasing with minimal resistance to that “why do I need this” feeling.

6. Mugs

There aren’t many things that people love more than their smartphones... ...but one thing that lives up to the hype is drinking coffee or tea.

Depending on where you are in the world, coffee and tea are legitimate pastimes that very large groups of people participate in regularly. Sharing drinks and conversations with people you care about is a great feeling-- especially when you can add a bit of booze to the mix.

The UK alone drinks 165 million cups of tea every single day. That’s not including another 70 million cups of coffee in the US. With 65% of people saying that they have a favorite mug that they regularly use.

Just like everything else listed, the popularity is gaining by people’s need to move away from generic items that everyone else has. They want originality in a world full of copies, so that’s what you’re gonna give them on their very own custom mug.

If we’re gonna help form some caffeine addictions the least we can do is give them a special mug to do it out of, right?

7. Tote Bags

“go green or go home”  but those micro-transactions are going to add up over time.

I read somewhere that we use 5 trillion plastic bags each year. That’s 700 bags a year for every single person on the planet, with less than 1% of them being recycled.

If that didn’t make you tear up a bit then your attention is elsewhere-- which is good because we’re talking about making you money here. We’ll go over saving the planet in another article later (No we won’t)

Not only do Tote Bags help with saving money at the checkout line, and carrying your groceries into the house, but they can be used for just about any occasion that requires taking things with you somewhere.  

Like maybe to the beach… where you can put your new hoodie and towel in your tote and prepare for the amazing time you’re about to have?... Just a little cross-selling idea for you there.

8. Jewelry

If you’re lucky enough to find a POD platform that allows for custom jewelry, you need to jump on that right now...  

Jewelry has been a staple of commerce for as far back as we can look. It’s given as a gift at special occasions; even becoming the ultimate showcase of love over the years.

With most people choosing to skip long lines at the mall, or just preferring the comfort of their home, print on demand jewelry is the next big thing to sweep across the eCommerce world. It’s never been easier to get your mom, dad, or significant other something they’ll remember for years to come.

By engraving a personal image or message into the jewelry it will allow them to take a nice thought and turn it to something truly special.

9. Sublimation / All Over

Unlike laying down standard designs. Sublimation or “all over print” allows you to put the design across the entire product-- shirt, tank, etc.

With the artwork being printed into the fabric instead of on top of it; keeping the design looking bright and new for a long-lasting effect. With classic printing, you pay for each logo that’s applied to a product, but with sublimation, you pay per side.

Giving you a fixed price for the front and back. This makes it an awesome choice for putting a full design across a clothing item. There is such a big hype for sublimation products that it’s surprising how few places offer it.

Find a place that does quality sublimation work and you’ll have access to a gold mine of product opportunities.

10. Posters

One of the more modern products you can offer is posters. You used to have to go to a local shop or art gallery to get such character-defining decor into your home.

Nowadays there are Print On Demand options for just about anything. Including quality posters and pictures.

It’s easier than ever to connect with artists and designers from around the world thanks to the internet.  Many of which sell their custom artwork online with similar products, so why shouldn’t you?

Allow your customers to showcase their individuality with a time tested piece from your personal store. It’s almost guaranteed they’ll be telling their friends where they got it from.

And there it is…The Top Ten Print On Demand Products For 2021. If I missed anything don’t let that deter you from trying other products out yourself.

Viralstyle has a huge inventory of popular items that you can start customizing and selling today. Without the hassles that come from bulk ordering and self-fulfillment. You can check out what we have for you to start selling here at