New Product: Trucker Hat

Posted by:
Tom Bell
June 13, 2019

You don't need a truck to wear this classic. Hats have been one of the best-selling products since Print On Demand starting leading the eCommerce march.

With that fact in mind, we decided to offer you a vintage take on a modern trend with our new snapback Trucker Hats.

This modern classic has been worn through the generations; from farmers to celebrities, these things just won't go out of style. Now they're yours to offer!

Sublimation gives you the creative freedom to create bold designs in vivid colors. With sublimation, you can take any digital image, no matter the size or array of colors, and apply it directly to your product. Just imagine all the possibilities!


- Snapback adjustable back closure
- Trucker style Mesh Back
- Foam Structured Cap

Production: Sublimation
Size: Adjustable
Base Cost: $9.95  
Sample Images:

Designs types to try:

- Racing  
- Military  
- Sports  
- Quotes/Sayings  
- Fishing  

Breakout your Southern style and start selling these new Trucker Hats today. This Summertime style is here to stay.