Viralstyle Marketplace and Viral Network

Posted by:
Tom Bell
November 8, 2019

A Brand New Look

Viralstyle has been working tirelessly this year to improve the overall customer experience and we're happy to announce our completely redesigned marketplace and new seller initiatives!


The Viralstyle marketplace has a fresh new look and a more user-friendly navigation experience. The new layout allows customers to browse, search, and locate your campaigns with even more ease. To learn how to optimize your campaigns for the Marketplace check out this article.

To ensure the best quality within our completely revamped Marketplace we've implemented a new user ranking system.

Sales Page

The sales pages were also updated to help customers purchase upsells, cross-sells, and affiliate products with ease. Faster load times and less friction inevitably leads to increased AOV and higher conversion rates.

More sales without ad-spend

With the launch of the new marketplace, we’ve also implemented the Viralstyle internal advertising initiative we're calling "The Viral Network". This will draw customers that would not normally be visiting our site to your product sales pages. The Viral Network is not a replacement for your own online advertising efforts, however, it can help supplement your income by showing your products to millions of potential new customers. Our highly targeted ads will benefit you, our clients, by drawing niche-specific consumers to your designated campaigns. For a nominal fee per sale, you will be able to participate in these Viralstyle generated ads and take advantage of all the sales that would otherwise not exist. It’s putting money into your pocket without doing any of the work! To read more about the new marketplace policies, advertising initiative, and fee structure, please see the marketplace section of our terms of service.

Making moves for the future

We’re excited to show you all these new updates in action and are confident they will magnify your efforts without any extra work. We have so many more amazing features and products to release in the coming months! If you have any questions you can live chat with a client support agent or email