How To Horizontally Scale Designs Ideas

One of the most effective ways to make money with print on demand is to "horizontally scale" design ideas.

So, what does that mean?

When you're doing product research or after you've found a winning design, think about how you can change a detail in that design to fit another niche or product.

In this example, I'll take 1 design and turn it into 14 with just a little bit of work. That's how you scale your print on demand business!

It is graduation time, and this design sold very well.

Let's break this down...

• Sloth Niche
• Graduation

How can we take this idea, make it our own, and create unique designs for multiple niches and products There's a few ways to do this and it's simpler than you think.

So, we know that people like animals and people are graduating, so why don't we change the animal? The animal niche is massive!

Change the Animal

Here's a few ideas to change the animal graduation design:

• Beagle with diploma
• Cat with diploma
• Dolphin with diploma
• Llama with diploma
• Bear with diploma

Really the diploma is only one way to signify a graduation. If you do a little research you can probably find countless phrases and design ideas to help get ideas flowing.

Change the Niche

We also know that people love sloths, so another option for horizontally scaling designs is using the sloth + another niche.

Here's a few ideas for the sloth + niche designs:

• Sloth playing tennis
• Sloth drinking coffee
• Sloth playing piano
• Sloth riding a motorcycle
• Sloth in a scientist coat
• Sloth reading a book

You see what we're doing here? We're mashing 2 niches together and create entirely new designs from it.

Change the Product

We have dozen of products to choose from, and designs don't just work on apparel! Now you have a good baseline of ideas, you can find design ideas for other types of products.

There are so many ways to make unique designs for print on demand, it just takes a little creativity and some strategy!

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