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Check out the most popular tools recommended by Viralstyle users to create designs to use on products and merch. Also, be sure to read up on our file formatting tips to ensure your designs look their best when printed on your products.


Create beautiful designs for your Viralstyle products within seconds using Placeit’s creative templates. Placeit has thousands of templates to choose from with more added weekly. There is a dropdown menu where you can choose from various categories that you can select to view. You can also narrow your design styles down by using the tags menu on the left hand side.

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With Canva you can choose from premade templates, stock photos, cartoon images, shapes, icons, and more when creating a design. Canva also has a text generator with over 100 different fonts to choose from. It’s free version is best used for canvas prints and posters as you can’t download your designs with transparent backgrounds until you select one of their paid plans.

Canva comes with a very generous 30-day FREE trial. So, if you’re on a tight budget, but want to use the paid features, then sign up for the free trial and create as many designs as possible, before the 30 days are up.

Still, the free version is more than enough to create awesome designs.


This free app is like a basic version of Photoshop, except you won’t have to buy or install anything. All of the fonts are free to use commercially, and unlike Canva, Photopea lets you create transparent backgrounds for free.

Now, you may find it a little tricky navigating the app, especially if you aren’t familiar with using apps such as Photoshop. After some time, however, you should be used to most of its features. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include images. If you design is just text it shouldn’t be an issue.

Nevertheless, creating designs is very much a straightforward process.

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