How to Create Compelling Ad Images and Copy

Ad Creative

Your ad creative is the images that you’ll be using to sell your Viralstyle campaigns on Facebook.

Single image ads are the standard for Facebook advertising. They are easy to make, offer a clean format for you to promote your campaigns, and are one of the most effective ad formats. In one Facebook study, a series of photo-only ads outperformed other ad formats in driving unique traffic.

Viralstyle automatically generates an ad image for you when using your campaign URL.

Lifestyle images

There are a bunch of online tools to help you create lifestyle ad images, videos, and gifs. Here are a few of our favorites.

Placeit is the hands down winner for print on demand ad creative. Essentially, their entire site was built for this. Placeit has thousands of premade lifestyle images that you can upload your design to. You can easily filter by gender, age, and background style.

Placeit makes it super easy for you to create eye-catching Facebook Ad Images. Placeit’s Facebook Ad tool is probably one of the simplest graphic design tools you can use, even if you’re not a designer you will surely get amazing results.

As easy as simply uploading your JPEG or PNG t-shirt graphic and writing a seductive sales copy. How can it possibly get easier than this? And if it wasn’t enough, the Facebook Ad Templates image quality is superb. It is super easy to customize your Facebook Ad, you can change the text, change the type font, change the font color, upload as many t-shirt designs as needed, change the t-shirt color, and more!

They have free images you can filter as well!


Canva app makes it easy for everyone to create professional-looking graphics. There are hundreds of templates available with beautiful layouts for text editing. Each template is designed for a specific purpose like sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat in newsletters, etc.


GifLab is perfect for creating .gif videos and it’s super user-friendly. You can use it to show off all color options for apparel, or highlight all products available in your listing. Show your shoppers everything you have to offer in one quick glance!


Like other video apps, Splice enables you to create videos quickly and easily. But this app has a unique zooming function too. This tool allows you to generate close-up shots of your products—helping mobile shoppers see the details of your beautiful designs!

Remember the design should be the focus of the ad so make sure it’s easy to see (especially on mobile devices).

Ad copy

The copy is the test above your ad that you’ll use to describe your product and get people to click. Here’s some quick tips.

  • Include a call-to-action and tell your audience what you want them to do, i.e. “Share with friends!”, “tag a friend who would like this shirt”, “buy yours now”.
  • You can ask a question to engage your audience, i.e. “Would your husband love this shirt?” “How many of you would be proud to wear this design?”
  • Use short sentences that are easy to read; it’s best to stack them using the enter key so your ad copy is not one line of text (as shown in the examples below)
  • Always make sure the listing URL is accessible (either by clicking on the ad image or a direct link)—use links with UTM variables for better tracking.
  • Check out Facebook’s recommendations for creating engaging advertisements.

For more in depth tips, check out this blog post on how to write crazy effective sales copy.

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